Dec 21, 2006

a kitty bobo show: Cellphones

someone youtubed the pilot a few days ago. thanks aussiebas.

Dec 19, 2006

i could use some "surge" myself right about now.

Dec 17, 2006

I showed that electrobooklet of Kitty Bobo to some guys at one of those cartoon networks and they said "cool, let's see some stories".

Well that was a while back now (it takes time to come up with the stories).

This one idea, a riff on a chase cartoon starring Kitty Bobo and Alice Rat, had been in my mind and it started to develop on paper the way it usually does, for me at least, mostly drawings of the characters, just figuring them out, them some words, then drawing out some ideas and specific moments. I ended up wanting to go in a different direction with Kitty Bobo as a whole but I like the way Alice Rat looks in some of these drawings. Ha, there's some real dead ones in the mix too, as always...

(first starting by writing some ideas, then just drawing some Alice, trying to figure her out)

(and then starting to draw characters from possible moments in the story, with varying degrees of succes, like for instance note the nasty super-wooden alice in the upper middle, below.)

So some ideas there, maybe enough to turn into a short, maybe not. Regardless though, for a few pages the characters came to life and interacted a little and that's always good.

Dec 3, 2006

Homeless Talent Show at Lost Souls Cafe, Dec 2.

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