Dec 17, 2006

I showed that electrobooklet of Kitty Bobo to some guys at one of those cartoon networks and they said "cool, let's see some stories".

Well that was a while back now (it takes time to come up with the stories).

This one idea, a riff on a chase cartoon starring Kitty Bobo and Alice Rat, had been in my mind and it started to develop on paper the way it usually does, for me at least, mostly drawings of the characters, just figuring them out, them some words, then drawing out some ideas and specific moments. I ended up wanting to go in a different direction with Kitty Bobo as a whole but I like the way Alice Rat looks in some of these drawings. Ha, there's some real dead ones in the mix too, as always...

(first starting by writing some ideas, then just drawing some Alice, trying to figure her out)

(and then starting to draw characters from possible moments in the story, with varying degrees of succes, like for instance note the nasty super-wooden alice in the upper middle, below.)

So some ideas there, maybe enough to turn into a short, maybe not. Regardless though, for a few pages the characters came to life and interacted a little and that's always good.


Chris Battle said...

You're alive! Lotsa cool stuff; Nice to see the KK kreative process.

KPKeating said...


#1) I suppose this idea depends on Kitty Bobo's age but...Kitty Bobo goes to an uptight, east coast college prep school and must subdue his "urban" style in favor of the style of the landed gentry. Soon he is ushered into the underworld of the "ownership class" ala Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and finds himself participating in some peculiar rituals.

#2) Kitty Bobo becomes addicted to a new brand of cat food that is laced with a "mood altering" substance that makes him behave in odd ways. The owner of the cat food company has secret designs to take over the world. Very political. Get Dick Cheney to do voice over.

#3) Kitty Bobo has a psychological breakdown and thinks he's a dog. He begins wearing a collar around town and wants people to walk him on a leash. His girl friend loves this idea and parades him through the streets of the city and breates him when ever he pauses near a fire hydrant.

I think a very clever filmmaker can combine all 3 ideas rather easily to creat a fast paced, satirical spoof.

kk said...

keating old man, how the hell are you

great ideas!

but please remember sir that ownership of any unsolicited Ideas from Commenter posted to Blog concerning the Property is transferred to Blogger at the moment of posting to Blog, with ownership of such Ideas residing with Blogger in perpetuity, etc. etc.

BTW, a question i've been meaning to ask you for a while: whatever happened to Dave Eggers, the guy with the greasy Manic Panicked black hair that we went to film school with who never finished his first year film? I mean, besides becoming a literary darling?

KPKeating said...

You know, it's an odd thing about this Eggers. I went to high school with a kid named Dave Eggers (who actually fits the physical description of but who is not the author of "A Heartbreaking Work, etc.). Then there is this Columbia coonection. Except I can't for the life of me remember a Dave Eggers from Columbia. Did we have a class with him? He wasn't in the dorms with us, was he? Jeee-zus, I must be losing my mind.

And, ah yes, it seems that you have mastered legalese quite well, judging from your comments regarding my ideas for Kitty Bobo.

kk said...

Thank you.

Yeah, he was on our floor in the dorms at the HCC on Wabash. If memory serves, which it might not.

How're the undergrads treating you these days, teacher?

KPKeating said...

I think you're confusing the famous Mr. Eggers with another Dave from our florr. The Dave we knew was from Pittsburgh, PA.

Ah, well, the undergrads. Baldwin-Wallace attracts a lot of business majors (mostly future salesmen who want to take their clients to bars and stip clubs). There isn't much in the way of intellectual curiosity, I'm afraid. I try my best.

I'm teaching Introduction to Fiction this coming semester. Any suggestions? I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm also teaching a class called Youth Culture in Contemporary Literature. I have no idea what I'm doing. None.

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