Aug 23, 2007

...i think i'll make a park

May 10, 2007

i woke up and this turd was in my brain.
here.  it's for you.

May 5, 2007

ball lift
animated GIF

animated GIF

Apr 26, 2007

in the course of a few conversations with my wife about folk tales (on a thread which began a while ago with Vladímir Propp's book) an idea started to take shape, and i revisited this drawing of a world and some related ones of a princess and a frog.  the princess immediately got pretty boring but there was something about the frog.  so over the past week i've been gradually building this little prototype:

Click on the game screen to control the frog.

Apr 3, 2007

I have been working on a big upgrade of microDJ.  It should drop soon, like a raindrop from an April shower.  Here's some pictures of it in action.
micro dj level 1
Above, you're just getting started, you only got 2 crates of records, but you've managed to entice 11 peeps to the floor.

micro dj level 4
And here, still going at noon the next day, you're rocking the joint at capacity with 64 peeps, you got 8 crates of records to select from and make combos with.

Superthanxx to all the beta testers, especially Mike, Clay and my wife Jung for lots of great comments and suggestions. Some of them became features at once, others I need to think about and will emerge in some form in a future addition of microDJ.


In the meantime, this little sketch done on the way back from soccer last week is somehow for you Justin.

Mar 18, 2007

Sneaky O

a sneaking game

Level 3 of 3

IMPORTANT: Click on the game to "focus" on it before playing.  Click outside when done.

Flash, 2005
with inspiration from Mike Stern

Level 1 and How To Play

If you make it to the exit, you are a Sneaky O Champion.  First 5 to send in or post a winning screenshot will receive a prize by real mail*!!

*prize will take approximately 4-6 years to arrive.

Mar 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Yes it's actually a holiday post.  Sláinte, y'all!

When I was living in Baltimore a couple years back, I was lucky to be able to hang out with my uncle Don on a few occasions. Usually we'd hit the Brewer's Art on Charles St. for their amazing french fries and whatever seasonal beer they'd just concocted.  One time I met him at J Patrick's in Locust Point for what I think was called a Ceili.  There were about 6 musicians jamming out the jigs and it was pretty furiously uptempo.  I was a smoker at the time and all that reelin' around was a bit rough on me.  Don though, despite some accumulated goodness around the midsection, turned out to be pretty spry for an old guy.  This is more or less what I saw that night:

Don Kaliher
animated GIF

heh, it's great to be Irish.  Now how's about a kiss, wifey?

Mar 14, 2007

some el tigre rough boards

I enjoyed a memorable stint on el Tigre last summer.  Memorable because they gave me the soccer episode during World Cup.  As you may know i am a soccer player.  I try to get off my ass and play with some other animator types once a week under the ol' power lines.

Although I was overall disappointed with my performance, I enjoyed my time working on this cartoon, especially drawing Grandpa.  He's a fun character.  Freds Gutierrez and Osmond too were breaking (in) the gramps model real good.  So here's some rough boards, now that blogging season* has opened on el Tigre...

"Papi!  You could coach the team!"

well, it turns out grandpa's coaching is not so good.  still, if only manny would cheat...

yeah, at the end of my stint there i pretty much felt like manny at the end of the episode.

this gag didn't make the final as it is text based.
Che-Quís Pizza

*more el tigre here, here, here, and of course here .

Mar 12, 2007

animated GIF

Mar 11, 2007

animated GIF
My next door neighbor is a student at a nearby community college.  In the evenings and weekends he works at a marijuana dispensary.

eddie's lexus
Recently he used his student loan money to buy a car - a sharp, white, late model Lexus.  Two days later the front end was totally fucked up.

He said some uninsured guy hit him.
Sneaky O

a sneaking game

Level 2 of 3

IMPORTANT: Click on the game to "focus" on it before playing. Click outside when done.

Flash, 2005
with inspiration from Mike Stern

Level 1 and How To Play

If you make it to the exit you must be a gamer.

Mar 10, 2007

Mar 9, 2007

loquats are in season and plentiful around my neighborhood.

don't get alzheimers

today's puzzle is from talented youngster Charles Schultz
mimette revisited

born at old HB while in dev on PPG

six threes make eighteen

Mar 4, 2007

Sneaky O

a sneaking game

Level 1 of 3

IMPORTANT: First, click on the game to "focus" on it. Click outside when done.
Directions below.

Flash, 2005
with inspiration from Mike Stern

How To Play

MOVE: Arrow keys
SNEAK: Hold down space bar

You are the blue dude. You can MOVE, SNEAK, and BLOW.
The yellow dudes are guarding the way to the exit.
They have "torches" and can "see" a limited distance in front of them.
If they "see" you, you're momentarily stunned.
If they touch you, you're dead.

Try to BLOW out their torches, which blinds them temporarily.
While they're blind, you can SNEAK past them.

Mar 1, 2007

São Paulo Street Theatre

We were stopped at a busy intersection near Paulista when we saw this motoboy that had been pulled over by the police.

The cops there have been under attack from crazy prison gangs, so I expected them to be pretty hardcore.
The big one started to frisk the motoboy.

The cop seemed satisfied and I figured it was over.
But then he put his hand between the motoboy's legs and gave him a little grip.

I resolved to obey the local laws at all times.

Feb 25, 2007

We got together to play Dungeons and Dragons.

All the cool guys were there.

My character, Wikipoo, is a gnome crone that brews her own acid.
She also knows a few spells.

As we penetrated deeper into the dungeon, things got a little weird.

Even though many of her spells failed that night, Wikipoo gained valuable experiene.
Someday she hopes to travel across the wild seas to attain her dream spell:

Jan 25, 2007

Jan 24
driving on the Marginal Tietê

Jan 12, 2007

São Paulo, January 3rd 2007.
My girlfriend Jung and I married each other in a simple ceremony at the local cartorio. Two of her friends were our padrinhos (witnesses). Afterwards, we went to a mall and had a bite to eat with her friend and I bought a pair of jeans.
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