Mar 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Yes it's actually a holiday post.  Sláinte, y'all!

When I was living in Baltimore a couple years back, I was lucky to be able to hang out with my uncle Don on a few occasions. Usually we'd hit the Brewer's Art on Charles St. for their amazing french fries and whatever seasonal beer they'd just concocted.  One time I met him at J Patrick's in Locust Point for what I think was called a Ceili.  There were about 6 musicians jamming out the jigs and it was pretty furiously uptempo.  I was a smoker at the time and all that reelin' around was a bit rough on me.  Don though, despite some accumulated goodness around the midsection, turned out to be pretty spry for an old guy.  This is more or less what I saw that night:

Don Kaliher
animated GIF

heh, it's great to be Irish.  Now how's about a kiss, wifey?


Anonymous said...

Feliz Magnonius Sucatus Patricius! Beijo!

Mike Stern said...

Best thing I've ever seen. In my whole life.

I want that Animated GIF tattooed on my taint.

dankrall said...

i agree with mike

Chris Battle said...
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estelle j ra said...

nice nice Mr. K! LOL! awww...he gets sad when his drink goes down. XD I wish you a late Happy st. P day to u and ur new wife!!!! XD Oh yeah!! LOL! U two should visit balt. one dayee!!!

kikz said...

so cuuuuute =)

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