Mar 4, 2007

Sneaky O

a sneaking game

Level 1 of 3

IMPORTANT: First, click on the game to "focus" on it. Click outside when done.
Directions below.

Flash, 2005
with inspiration from Mike Stern

How To Play

MOVE: Arrow keys
SNEAK: Hold down space bar

You are the blue dude. You can MOVE, SNEAK, and BLOW.
The yellow dudes are guarding the way to the exit.
They have "torches" and can "see" a limited distance in front of them.
If they "see" you, you're momentarily stunned.
If they touch you, you're dead.

Try to BLOW out their torches, which blinds them temporarily.
While they're blind, you can SNEAK past them.


KPKeating said...

I can't figure this thing out! Ahhh!

Mike Stern said...


See Jay said...

Tougher than I thought but stubbornness prevailed

kevin kaliher said...

no longer working due to flash deprecation. Sad!

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