Mar 1, 2007

São Paulo Street Theatre

We were stopped at a busy intersection near Paulista when we saw this motoboy that had been pulled over by the police.

The cops there have been under attack from crazy prison gangs, so I expected them to be pretty hardcore.
The big one started to frisk the motoboy.

The cop seemed satisfied and I figured it was over.
But then he put his hand between the motoboy's legs and gave him a little grip.

I resolved to obey the local laws at all times.


greg said...

this rings my bell!

Aaron Deng said...

These are very interesting and funny cartoons; you have a very good drawing skill and ideas about these cartons. They gave me a lot of inspirations. The motoboy say “resolved to obey the local laws at all times.” I suggest you can draw more cartoon about education to educate people to obey the laws, also you can draw some cartoon about educating the public about the dangers of smoking. Good Job man! Good Luck.

Mike Stern said...

That's hawtness

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