Mar 14, 2007

some el tigre rough boards

I enjoyed a memorable stint on el Tigre last summer.  Memorable because they gave me the soccer episode during World Cup.  As you may know i am a soccer player.  I try to get off my ass and play with some other animator types once a week under the ol' power lines.

Although I was overall disappointed with my performance, I enjoyed my time working on this cartoon, especially drawing Grandpa.  He's a fun character.  Freds Gutierrez and Osmond too were breaking (in) the gramps model real good.  So here's some rough boards, now that blogging season* has opened on el Tigre...

"Papi!  You could coach the team!"

well, it turns out grandpa's coaching is not so good.  still, if only manny would cheat...

yeah, at the end of my stint there i pretty much felt like manny at the end of the episode.

this gag didn't make the final as it is text based.
Che-Quís Pizza

*more el tigre here, here, here, and of course here .


Chris Battle said...

Shit, I WISH that Che-Quis Pizza joke made it in there. Maybe next season.

Marmax said...

Great stuff! THanks for posting!

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