Apr 3, 2007

I have been working on a big upgrade of microDJ.  It should drop soon, like a raindrop from an April shower.  Here's some pictures of it in action.
micro dj level 1
Above, you're just getting started, you only got 2 crates of records, but you've managed to entice 11 peeps to the floor.

micro dj level 4
And here, still going at noon the next day, you're rocking the joint at capacity with 64 peeps, you got 8 crates of records to select from and make combos with.

Superthanxx to all the beta testers, especially Mike, Clay and my wife Jung for lots of great comments and suggestions. Some of them became features at once, others I need to think about and will emerge in some form in a future addition of microDJ.


In the meantime, this little sketch done on the way back from soccer last week is somehow for you Justin.


estelley for ballmore. LOL! said...

LOL! i'm so glad to see all the projects u hav been working on! LOL! and i miss ur drawings too. LOL! i hope things are goign gr8t!!

greg said...

so, what does the 'energy' have to do with it now?

...or am I just that lame of a DJ?

kevin kaliher said...

things are goign gr8t, thnx.

no your not lame dude. 'energy' is irrelevant right now cause i don't really know WTF to do with it. first thought was every downbeat, every peep out there dancing gives up one unit of its energy to the floor - and you can do stuff with that, like play high powered records if the energy level is high enough. where those high powered records trigger, i dont know, "cool shit".

mike suggested calling it 'hype', which i also liked: build up hype, then you get peeps coming in automatically.

the other idea is 'vibe' - which involves tagging the records with their genre or style. then the vibe meter would show what sort of vibe you've got out there, and peeps would stay or go accordingly.

whaddaya think?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear your take on the Virginia Tech shooting.

kevin kaliher said...

first reveal your identity, anonymous.

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